Pageantology's interview with Miss Earth Philippines 2013

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 Pageantology's interview with Miss Earth Philippines 2013

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PostSubject: Pageantology's interview with Miss Earth Philippines 2013   Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:04 pm

Pageantology's interview with Miss Earth Philippines 2013, Angelee delos Reyes

Pageantology: Tell us something about yourself.

Angelee: I am a Marketing Officer of Lyceum of Subic Bay College before I won Ms.Philippines Earth 2013. I am also a model, licensed nurse and speaker on seminars like Personality Development. On top of all these, I see myself as a simple person with simple dreams for myself and for my family. As time passed by my dreams grew bigger, as I have realized that the gifts God has given, with all humility, like the beauty and talent that I have, can be used to inspire or influence people to change for the betterment not only of themselves but of the place we live in, or of our environment as a whole.

Pageantology: How do you feel being selected to represent your country in the upcoming Miss Earth 2013 pageant?

Angelee: I feel so blessed and very thankful to God. There are many beautiful and talented Filipinas in the country so I am overwhelmed. I am thankful as always to my family especially to my mom, and to all my supporters.

Pageantology: What are the things that encouraged you to join this pageant?

Angelee: The advises and support of my own family, my Kagandahang Flores mentors, my friends from Olongapo City and all over the Philippines, Filipinos from abroad and even foreigners who sent me messages of encouragement on facebook, made me realized not to retire in my pageant career this year and rather join Ms.Philippines Earth 2013. I realized that if they believe in me, why not believe in my self once more. I just made it to top 10 on Bb.Pilipinas 2012 and somehow I felt lile maybe beauty pageant world is not really for me. But then I also realized that life is what we make it. A failure is not a failure if you will try again and win, perhaps it will be an experience, better yet a lesson learned. I didn't know that there is a crown waiting and its a crown for environmental cause... I also remembered something told to me by my English teacher, Mrs Hondo way back in high school, "There's always a room for improvement." Perhaps, there is.

Pageantology: What are the sacrifices you have made for this pageant?

Angelee: I already had a good position as Marketing Dept. Head of Lyceum Subic Bay, but I had to sacrifice the job even if my passion, public relations and promoting quality education, was already in the latter. Hence, I believe God has greater plan and made me realized another passion greater than the one above mentioned. That is to know my talents and abilities, showcase beauty inside and out, and use it to serve or inspire more people. Time for my loved ones were also lessened. But, i believe they understand. Understanding follows love, anyway. They also know what I do is also for them, for us. So, I believe that my sacrifices are worth it. If blessed with the Ms.Earth crown, it will be a great and life fulfilling reward after some sacrifices.

Pageantology: What relevance do beauty pageants have in today's world?

Angelee: Beauty pageants by the name itself is all about beauty. Beauty inside and out. That beauty can be used to command attention for a good cause. Once you get the attention as a beauty queen, for example, people listens. You get the power to influence, and the responsibility to serve. On the other hand, the mere fact of being a beauty queen is being a good role model. So aside from sharing or spreading awareness, we, products of beauty pageants should practice what we preach and be conscious of our actions. It  will be better if it's innate and natural.

Pageantology: What do you say to those who think that beauty pageants only
exploit the image of women?

Angelee: I respect everyone's opinion, we are all entitled for it. However, in my point of view, I disagree. Beauty pageant is not to exploit women, I believe it is for women to know their talents and abilities, to realize and maximize their potentials, and together with beauty, it is for women to serve as an ambassadress of certain cause. An example is Miss Earth which celebrates the beauty of women all over the world and uses such to be of great influence to the youth and the rest of the world in taking care of Mother Earth for the benefit of all.

Pageantology: What are the biggest problems facing the world in 21st century? Why?

Angelee: I will name two, POVERTY is one, the state of the majority of the world's population. A few gets wealthy, the majority are the ones struggling. This is because of the rapid population growth, lack of individual responsibility, business/political influences, government anomalies/corruption, or some combination of these and other causes. The other is CLIMATE CHANGE. We are feeling it evidently. Climate change is an effect of natural causes and human actions. Human acts such as burning fossil fuels, smoke belching, conversion of forest to industrial land, burning of garbage, and even cigarette smoking. The Industrial revolution has been a warming effect driven primarily by the above mentioned human activities. I believe we can at least lessen the damage it brings to people by simply knowing and letting others aware of the current and potential environmental problems that we have. The authorities, some orgs or even just concerned citizens may act to share this whether in simple or complex ways, and teach what people can do to avoid it and lessen the problems. Let's put that into action and practice in our daily lives. Then spread awareness again til all was reached by the message of caring for the environment.

Pageantology: What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life?

Angelee: Simple, "The moment that you can't, you'll discover that you can!"

Pageantology: How would you like to be remembered?

Angelee: I want to be remembered as a loving daughter, a simple woman, and as Miss Earth 2013, who did not just lived for herself but for her family and as much as possible for the rest of the world--a woman who always wants to inspire, share, and influence people to strive for the betterment of their lives, the betterment of the place that they live in, and the betterment of their future and their children's.

Pageantology: A closing message to the people of the Earth.

Angelee: My Advocacy:

Save the Earth!

(Let us all be aware of the environmental problems that we have and we might have. Cooperate in eliminating and/or at least avoiding the aggravation of these problems. Pass the knowledge by letting others aware too, in any way we can. Let us share what we know. And let's live with it.) I would like to share also something i have read online, and I hope everyone who reads this will be more environmentally conscious, "Tomorrow's earth is today's responsibility!"

Thank you so much and God bless!

"Let us all be aware, cooperate, and share!" Education=People's Cooperation

Conserve energy, unplug your computer/devices when not in use and battery full. Conserve water, even half glass makes a big difference. Apply Zero Food waste! Avoid plastic usage or at least recycle. And save paper by not printing this message unless necessary.
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Pageantology's interview with Miss Earth Philippines 2013
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