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 miss universe the real truth

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PostSubject: miss universe the real truth    Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:00 pm

The Truth behind Miss Universe
First of let me start by saying, I loved having the opportunity to represent my country abroad and meeting eighty six different woman and learning about their cultures; there are memories that I will never forget and long lasting friendships that came from this pageant.
However, I agree with Most of miss Mauritius letter and 100% of Miss Colombia in there confessions or experience with the miss universe pageant. I am writing this letter so that future miss universe contestants that are not a part of the favorite or most business profitable countries can be aware or at least prepared beforehand.
 On the Outside miss universe looks like it’s so much fun and the glitz and Glamour seems so real but it’s all a make believe. Right after a 9 hour registration process is when you start to realize your place in the competition. The miss universe supervisors are VERY unorganized and I’m sure the contestants can all agree with that, Imagine surviving of 3 hours of sleep and being sleep deprived and has to be fully glammed hair and makeup the full Nine to find out that your supervisors do not know your agenda for the day. The blame for the lack of preparation is not owed to the supervisor’s however it’s their managers who are above them that give them the schedule. One time the contestants were told to be prepared to go to a convent however this was not the case. Imagine dressing lightly preparing to be inside when only to find out that you’re going to be filming outside in the park pretending to have fun or to be engaging in park activities for hours. During our tour of Moscow the contestants were split into groups based on scheduling, we walked around red square and then came to our final destination waited outside in the freezing cold for an hour to not go aside and what really ticked us of was the fact that some of the other contestants in the other groups came and were allowed inside (we were totally pissed off). I believe they intentionally surprised us with spontaneous events such as the fashion show in the mall; about 20 of the contestants were chosen to appear at the mall to have lunch after stuffing ourselves with a salad and a lot cappuccinos (because we were so hungry we had to fill our selves by drinking coffee) an events lady told us “ladies in ten minutes you have to go upstairs to change into swimsuits your walking in a fashion show for Yamamay. If you could only visualize the expression on our faces and thee amount of complaining when we found out we have a fashion show with hundreds of photographers and on lookers after we just consumed food (pugged stomachs) WORST DAY EVER.
The definition I found online is exactly what we suffered “Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep; it can be either  chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain.  It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.” We would be out filming all day and at sponsored events like puppets sometime arriving at the hotel after 1-3 am and then having to be ready for 6.30, 7.00 or 7.30am downstairs being  contestants because we have to do our hair and makeup this meant that we literally got 2.5 or 3 hours of sleep ALMOST EVERYDAY!!
An unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion, etc.” (Merriam Webster’s). Mauritius was 100% right when she said that some of the makeup artists and Hair stylist are biased. If you’re not considered a top country or a major Latin country your given a back seat to lower preference when it comes to getting these things done I can account that many of the girls did their own makeup a lot of the times. Smaller countries like the Caribbean, African countries and some European often got this type of treatment if you’re not miss Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Philippines, U.s.a you could forget about it. SOME of the supervisors were also racist towards smaller countries, African countries, and black contestants and countries that weren’t considered the favorites.
Girls were often handpicked sometimes to be at certain and sponsored events such race car driving, Mercedes Benz fashion show Nobu, Hospital visit with the children (pretending to be caring). Like I said if you weren’t in the lime light or a faves! The news reporters allowed press were often quite racist also only majority of the times filming and asking for interviews from the top ten or Latin counties. Press Junkets- consisted of Telemundo and other new stations only asking questions to a fraction of the girls as if the other contestants did not exist or matter. Even when they interview the non-faves the questions were few and quite short. When pretending to be filming black contestants was constantly overlooked tell one contestant nicknamed the black contestants “FILLERS” because all they did were stand around in the back ground.
Plastic surgery
·         I am pro plastic surgery however when considering that a miss universe pageant is looking for a true inner beauty with a purpose, I find it quite appalling that you have to have a number of surgeries’ to win. TRUST ME NATURAL BEAUTY IS NON EXISITING WHEN IT COMES TO MISS UNIVERSE.  Just last year a part of miss Philippines (1st runner-up) answer was so amazing when she said a miss universe is supposed to inspire and influence , however this is not the case if you don’t have these amount of surgery’s you’re not considered a miss universe queen:
·         Cheek Lift Chin Surgery Eyebrow/Forehead Rejuvenation (Brow Lift) Face-lift
Facial Contouring Facial Fillers Neck Lift and Neck Liposuction Rhinoplasty (Alterations of the Nose)
Abdomen reduction, liposuction, buttock fillers or lifts and of course breast augmentation
It’s all PLASTIC SURGERY no Brains. As stated by Miss Mauritius your intellect does not matter its beauty. During your judges interview you have 3 minutes and you do the interviews in pairs of two’s. It’s impossible for someone to get to know you in that amount time and when all the questions they ask are mediocre. If it was based on beauty and brains MOST of top sixteen wouldn’t have made it trust me.
A few notable comments that made sense on Facebook
When you look at the perfectly veneered teeth, the sculptured bodies and noses (Brazil) I wonder if we EVER have a chance sending ladies who are just natural beauties.
November 10 at 12:10pm · Like · 1
·         I hope someday the rules of the pageant would change that all contestants should be a natural. Just like in sports there are forbidden drugs that leads to disqualification or suspension.
November 10 at 12:55pm via mobile · unlike · 2
 I also wonder about this "voting" thing; when when you have a country like The Philippines, who STRONGLY support their delegates, and who can provide more votes online than we have people in The Bahamas, how is that fair?
In the sporting world the use of enhancers or drugs to enhance your performance is not permitted then why is it that plastic surgery can be used to enhance or completely alter a contestant is allowed? Its. Unfair to the contestants who are considered natural beauties if not the pageant should be named MISS PLASTIC SURGERY UNIVERSE.
There is nothing wrong with a nose job or a breast job however there should be limit to the amount of plastic surgery you can have when it comes to altering your chin and having cheek fillers, circumference liposuction this is when it needs to stop.

As other contestants and miss Mauritius said “And all the videos of the finals are make beliefs, we never go out. We never visited * as shown on TV. They handpick the girls, by way of a scheduling, they take groups of 5-6 girls out on different places and make them pretend they are ‘’having fun’’ and make us ‘’dance’’ in front of the camera; without music. It is more like waiting, you sit and wait for your turn to ‘’pretend’’ to dance. They shoot you for 15 secs, and then you get back in the car and come back to the hotel. So all the videos that are shown during the telecast are very fake”.
One very weird time was during our Friday rehearsals before the big show on Nov 9th 2013 we were all eating lunch when supervisors and our cat walk coach told us to fix our makeup and make sure we have on our heels because we’re going to meet you know who, so we get back to the rehearsals on the stage and we do our introductions on stage for the big guy, yes TOP SIXTEEN IS HANDPICKED I WAS THERE SO I KNOW I WONT GO INTO DETAILS BUT YOU HAVE AN IDEA.  We felt like exploited like objects. As in the words of Miss Mauritius “Then one day, Donald Trump walks in. They close the doors of the theater; he comes in with his bodyguards etc. that is why- important personality he is of course. And we are asked to line up on the stage, “We felt so bad to see how women were being treated as objects in front of Mr. Donald Trump” (Miss Mauritius). ALL the girls were fed up and shocked by Miss Universe contest.
Business and politics
Yes it does matter after all he is a business man, the franchise fee is different for each country some countries pay 10,000 us dollars others pay 250,000 depending on if your country had past titleholders or a contestant that placed, so of course if your country is not paying the most franchise fee to have the miss universe franchise then your country does not really matter.
So I feel that small countries should open their eyes about competing at this pageant is it really worth the thousands of dollars, time and preparation to only get in return a contestant that is sleep deprived, looked over, set aside, and not included in the major events? We must ask ourselves as countries should this continue to be celebrated should we waste our time? look at the past 61 winners of miss universe do you see a pattern? Some countries like Angola were only picked so that people won’t say it’s not racist or bias but come on like I said look at the past 61 winners before this year’s winner. This pageant should me name the misslatinuniverse or missBUSSINESS/MONEYUNIVERSE!!!!!!
Another smart comment that stood out to me from a reader on face book was this
“I do not comprehend for the life of me why we would subject our own queen to such standards. If it's all about beauty and we don't meet 'their' standards to hell with them. I stand strong of my belief that on a local level our queens should push their platforms for that year. They have an opportunity to inspire many people and be a role model for our young ladies. I would never want my daughter in something where she's push aside because of where she's from. I've travelled many places and being from this 'small' country is an honor not a damn handicap to anything I've ever done.
The good thing came about from this pageant is that you get to meet some contestants that will become long lasting friends.

Signed MISS BAHAMAS 2013.
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miss universe the real truth
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