Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Model Agency, dies

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 Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Model Agency, dies

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PostSubject: Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Model Agency, dies   Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:54 pm

She was 92 and died Wednesday of complications from a brain tumor and osteoporosis, according to Arielle Baran, a spokeswoman for Derris & Co., which handles public relations for Ford and announced the death Thursday.

Ford was known for her steely manner and eye for talent. She demanded professionalism from her models, putting them on strict diets and firing those with a taste for late-night revelry. Her discipline pushed Ford Model Agency to the top, making multimillionaires of both Ford and her late husband, Jerry, who handled the business side.

The typical Ford woman was tall, thin, often blond, with wide-set eyes and a long neck. Eileen Ford was known to tell hopefuls shorter than 5 foot 7 to give up their dreams.


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Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Model Agency, dies
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