Asia's bets for Miss Universe

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 Asia's bets for Miss Universe

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PostSubject: Asia's bets for Miss Universe   Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:04 pm

Here is the Possible chances of each contestants from Asia competing for Miss Universe and a little review about the history of each country's placements:

Asia’s chances for Miss Universe 2014:

We only have 2 weeks until the 63rd edition of Miss Universe starts to kick off. As the days gets closer to the grand coronation night of Miss Universe 2014, we are able to see on how are the Asian delegates are going, here is an analysis for the Asian delegates before the competition begins:


CHINA – Yanliang Hu

It has been 2 years ago when China last entered the top 5 at the 60th anniversary of the miss universe at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although at 2012 as the Miss Universe pageant celebrates its 51st anniversary, China had bagged the BEST IN NATIONAL COSTUME award while in 2013 China’s Jin Ye settled as a top 16 semi-finalist and was chosen by her fellow mates as the MISS CONGENIALITY for 2013. This year as Yanliang Hu arrives at New York for training for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, will China’s bet place as a semi-finalist, a top 10 finalist, a runner up or even be a winner, or maybe she’ll end up as clapper and receive another award? What do you think of her choices?

Possible Placement(s): Top 16 semi-finalist, Top 10 finalist or best in national costume award.


INDIA – Noyonita Lodh

It has been 14 years ago as India bagged the Miss Universe 2000 title and since 2001 till now India had never felt and placed into the top 5 ever again. So far India’s highest placement is a top 10 and right now India’s bet for the 63rd Miss Universe pageant Noyonita Lodh had been in every pageant expert’s prediction.  Last year as Manasi Moghe ended up as a top 10 finalist, will Noyonita surpass India’s placements last year and become the 3rd Indian to win the title or end up as the same placement on what Manasi has achieved?

Possible Placement(s): Top 10 or Top 5 finalist


INDONESIA – Elvira Devinamira

Now this country has a lot to prove on to become a powerhouse, so far this country only placed 2 times in the whole history of Miss Universe, one at 2004 and 2013 while the highest placement that Indonesia has achieved is top 15 semi-finalist. As we all know Elvira is one of the favourite delegates at this year’s edition and so far she really proved that she deserves to be as one of the favourites. Last year’s Indonesian representative was Whulandary Herman she placed and ended up as a top 16 semi-finalist at the 62nd anniversary of the 2013 edition of Miss Universe at Moscow, Russia. Elvira has a very possible chance to place at this year’s semi-finalist but there are a lot of beautiful woman around the world competing for the elusive miss universe title, so I believe that Elvira might struggle to enter the top 16.

Possible Placement(s): Participation, Top 16 or best in national costume.


ISRAEL  – Doron Matalon

Doron Matalon this name was derived from the word gift. From 1956 to 1978 Israel was known as a powerhouse of beauty pageants, Israel have achieved many back to back runner up and semi-finalist victories according into the history of the Miss Universe pageant. Although this country has only achieved 1 miss universe title and that was way back from 1976 and that was Rina Messinger. The last time that Israel placed at miss universe, was the 54th edition of the pageant that was held at Bangkok, Thailand where Miss Israel landed as a top 10 semi-finalist. Last year’s Israel representative was Yityish Titi Aynaw, she was one of the top favourites at the 62nd edition of Miss Universe although everybody was surprised as Yityish was not called as one of the top 16 semi-finalist. Now Doron is not a quiet favourite but who knows this year is known for surprises so what do you think of her chances.

Possible Placement(s): Participation


JAPAN – Keiko Tsuji

Now here we have Japan a country that has full of surprises. What I mean is that once Japan placed it sustains for some short of amount of time and then has a long drought of placement and places again. Japan has the record of having the longest gap between the country’s victories. Japan had won the Miss Universe title 2 times one at 1959 and one at 2007, the last Japanese woman so far that won the title was Riyo Mori, she was miss universe 2007 crowned at Mexico City, Mexico. So far Japan is the first and latest winner that won the title from Asia. Do you think Keiko Tsuji will bring the third crown for japan and to be the first Asian country to win 3 miss universe title?

Possible Placement(s): Participation or top 16 semi-finalist.


KAZAKHSTAN - Aiday  Issayeva

Here we have Kazakhstan a newbie in the miss universe pageant, so far no Miss Kazakhstan had never entered the semi-finalist as to the fact that it it’s a newbie. From 2002 to 2008, she participated in different beauty pageants. In 2008, she became Miss Shymkent and in 2009 she competed in Miss Universe Kazakhstan, where she placed in the Top 10. In 2013 she won the title of Vice Miss Almaty and continued on to become Miss Universe Kazakhstan. Do you think she’ll be the first Kazakh woman to enter the semi-finals?

Possible Placement(s): Participation


KOREA – Ye Bin Yoo

Korea was known who had the most insecure people about their features. Although this country has always managed to enter the semi-finals with luck. The last Korean representative so far who placed at the Miss Universe pageant was Lee ha Nui were Nui placed as the third runner up at Miss Universe 2007 pageant. So far Korea had never managed to win the Miss Universe title and Korea’s highest achievement was a 1st runner up way back at 1988. As a Korean representative for this year’s 63rd Miss Universe pageant Ye Bin Yoo loves to dance the Korean fan dance and to sew her own clothes. Since 2007 Korea had a 6 years of non-placement drought and do you think she’ll end this drought?

Possible Placement(s): Participation 


LEBANON – Saly Greige

Lebanon started to participate in the Miss Universe pageant since 1955 until now, although the country had likely struggled to enter the semi-finals. Lebanon had only placed 3 times at the Miss Universe pageant and the last time that country had ever placed at tis pageant was way back at 1973. Although the country still manage to win 1 miss universe pageant and that was 1971 edition who was Georgina Rizk, making Lebanon as one of the Asian countries who have won the title. This year Lebanon’s bet for the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant is Saly Greige, What do you think of her chances at the 2014 Miss Universe pageant?

Possible Placement(s): Top 16 semi-finalist or Top 10 finalist


MALAYSIA – Sabrina Beneeth

Since 1962 until now Malaysia had participated at the Miss Universe pageant and did you know that this country only placed 1 time at the pageant? The highest and the only placement that Malaysia have ever achive is a top 15 semi-finalist and that was way back at 1970. Now Sabrina has a high chance to enter the semi-finals although this year is going to be a tough competition so Sabrina might struggle to enter the final cut of the top 16 semi-finalist.

Possible Placement(s) – Participation, Top 16 semi-finalist or best in national costume


MYANMAR  – Shurr Htut Eaindra

Same issue with Kazakhstan Myanmar is a newbie participant and only started to participate last year at the 2013 edition of Miss Universe pageant and failed to enter the top 16. Although the country had participated at some editions at miss universe which was 1959, 1960 and 1961 although it is still considered as a newbie, but then looks like Myanmar is now actually going to participate every year. So far no Myanmar participant have ever entered and place into the semi-finals will Myanmar win this year’s people’s choice award and enter the top 16 or achive her own merit and enter the top 16?

Possible Placement(s) – Participation or People’s Choice Award and Top 16.


PHILIPPINES- Mary Jean Lastimosa

After 4 consecutive years of Philippines placing into the top 5, looks like this 4 consecutive years will turn into 5. So far Miss Universe Philippines 2014 is known to be the most talked or famous candidate about this year’s Miss Universe. The Philippines joined the miss universe pageant since 1964 who was represented by Maria Myrna Panlilio. After 5 years of joining the Philippines finally won its 1st Miss Universe title which was won by Gloria Diaz at the Miss Universe 1969 edition. While in 1973 as the Miss Universe pageant was finally held in another country, Margie Moran won the title making Philippines the first country in Asia to win the title twice. 40 years have pass and Philippines has not one a crown yet although looks like a Filipina will be crowned not so far from now making the Philippines win the title from Asia triple times. Last year as the Philippines bags the award of the people’s choice will Mary Jean Lastimosa achive this placement?

Possible Placement(s) – People’s choice award, Top 5 or Winner

SERBIA – Andjelka Tomasevic

This year Serbia’s bet for the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant is Andjelka Tomasevic, who was the representative of Serbia 2013 edition of the Miss Earth pageant and was able to place as a top 10 finalist. Andjelka was one the favourites at the Miss Earth pageant although the country did not manage to secure a spot into one of the top 4 elemental titles. Serbia is also considered as a newbie participant for the Miss Universe pageant, the country started to participate into the pageant since 2007, although so far no Serbian representative have ever placed at the pageant. Will Serbia’s bet Andjelka Tomasevic place at the 2014 Miss Universe pageant to be the first ever Serbian representative to place into the semi-finals?

Possible Placement(s) – Top 16 semi-finalist or Top 10 finalist


SINGAPORE – Rathi Menon

Rathi Menon is the first Indian beauty to win the Miss Universe Singapore title since 1998. Singapore had participated in the miss universe pageant since the begging of the existence of the pageant. Although Singapore had only manage to place at Miss Universe twice and that was way back at 1987. After the placement of Singapore at the 1987 Miss Universe pageant the country have experienced 26 years of non-placement drought until now. This 24-year-old owns a 400 CC Super Four motorcycle. She is a pharmacy technician by profession, but a huge animal lover and volunteers at an animal shelter because it brings her great joy. Will Singapore place at this year’s miss universe pageant and will finally end the drought of the country?


Possible Placement(s) – Participation or top 16 semi-finalist.



SRI LANKA – Avanti Page


Avanti Marianne Page was born and raised in the tropical and exquisite island of Sri Lanka. She completed her studies in Australia, graduating with a degree in Commerce, majoring in Commercial Law. Sri Lanka joined the Miss Universe pageant since 1955, Sri Lanka was represented as Miss Ceylon, for the first time when the country started to participate in the Miss Universe pageant, Sri Lanka had manage to enter the semi-finals and landed as the 2nd runner up of Miss Universe 1955. Although as years pass by the country had never manage again to enter the semi-finals at the Miss Universe Pageant. Making Sri Lanka to have 58 years of non-placement drought at Miss Universe. Will Avanti of Sri Lanka bring the countries name back into the Miss Universe pageant?

Possible Placement(s) – Participation


THAILAND – Pimbongkod Chankaew

Pimbongkod Chankaew was born in Los Angeles, California. Thailand has been one of the countries from Asia that have manage to win 2 titles. Pimbongkod is known to be as one of the tallest contestants at the 63rd edition of Miss Universe, since 2008 Thailand has not place into the semi-finals although the country had bagged the best in National Costume award 3 times and won the miss photogenic award 2 times in 10 years. The last time that Thailand won the title was way back at 1988. Pimbongkod is also one of the most controversial candidate at this year’s Miss Universe edition, she also loves animals, and she has raised many different types of pets through her life. Will Pimbongkod end the drought of Thailand at the Miss Universe pageant?


Possible Placement(s) – People’s Choice award, Top 16 semi-finalist, Top 10 finalist and Best in National Costume award.



TURKEY – Dilan Çiçek Denis

Well Turkey had joined the Miss Universe pageant since the pageant had started. Although the country had only manage to place 3 times at the semi-finals, its highest placement the pageant is a top 10 while the last time that Miss Turkey had place at the Miss Universe pageant was at 2012. Dilan Deniz Çiçek was born in 1995 in Sivas, Turkey. Her mother and father are both teachers. She grew up in Antalya and currently resides in Istanbul. She is a 19-year-old student and is majoring Comparative Literature in Bilgi University. She started modelling at the age of 13 and has been working as a model ever since.


Possible Placement(s) – Participation



Overall the last time so far that Asia placed at Miss Universe was Ariella Arida of the Philippines who had manage to place as a 3rd runner up at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. So far looks like Asia is going good at this year’s pageant and it looks like it will dominate the top 16 semi-finalist although as I said the there are many beautiful woman competing for the elusive Miss Universe title so some Asian delegates may struggle to enter the semi-finals. cheer cheer
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PostSubject: Re: Asia's bets for Miss Universe   Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:22 pm

Thailand hoping & pray hoping & pray
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PostSubject: Re: Asia's bets for Miss Universe   Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:55 pm

Philippines bow
India salute
China clap
Indonesia good
Myanmar cheer
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PostSubject: Re: Asia's bets for Miss Universe   

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Asia's bets for Miss Universe
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