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Jerick Galicia

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PostSubject: EXCLUSIVE CONTROVERSY!!    Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:04 am

Quote :
Gian Quiballo‎Critical Beauty
17 mins · Edited ·
"This was a very hard decision to make but I just have to do this. I have no ill intentions but to tell the truth. Not for anything, I can afford to do my own trip abroad and pay for my bills. Our family owns a real estate, legal consultation firm, and events businesses. I don't have to kiss asses of people just for me to be able to do anything I want.

This is a screen capture of the message of Pawee Ventura to Lawrence Choi on May 30, 2014 during Miss Asia Pacific World. This message was sent to Mr.Choi the night before the finals. May 31, 2014 was the finals of mapw in korea. Ms Philippines was 3rd runner up. But 2 of the judges told us that Ms Philippines was the winner by the majority of the judges and they dont know what happened. We kept quiet cos they were threatening us to stop posting things about the results. The thing is the national director of Myanmar is the head chaperone of MAPW during that time and has the power to talk to every sponsors of the event. That is why she won most of the awards from sponsors. During the talent night, 3days prior to the finals, a program book was distributed and Myanmar was on the program book as Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 winner alongside with the 3previous winners. Many of the contestants were furious and national directors got mad and I myself too.

Now to cut the long story short, this is the message that I saw because Pawee borrowed my phone during our training with the Malaysian beauty queens in Kuala Lumpur during the last week of september (cos I got a Malaysian Sim then for a mobile data access anywhere). When we were checked in at a hotel in KL, his last day of our 3-day-booking in KL while I extended my trip there out of my own pocket. A message came in from Lawrence Choi about the May Myat issue again. I thought it was mine so I opened ot up for the first time cos I haven't been reading his messages for a long time till I knew the messenger was not logged in at my account. Then ai found this and some more messages. I felt really bad and furious but I kept it. The thing is he logged in on his FB messenger and He forgot to logout on my phone. God moves in mysterious ways.

As I've read messages there, to my dismay, I decided to gradually to distance myself to Gouldian and you know the other... Okay, everything was probono and I even spend a lot more for our trainings but this manipulation is not my cup of tea. I have heard more and they are capable. Mr Global Myanmar won. MAPW Myanmar won. Intercon Thailand won. So after the furious specators... Supra got 1st runner up who I think deserves the crown. Bad thing the first got it. Just connect the dots. Nothing more. Nothing less."
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