Donald Trump is a racist according to Natalie Glebova

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 Donald Trump is a racist according to Natalie Glebova

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PostSubject: Donald Trump is a racist according to Natalie Glebova   Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:21 pm

Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova mentioned in an interview that Donald Trump is a racist and he doesn't like Russians so they fired the last Russian Miss Universe.

Source: Nhoie Gee / Published in Pageantology 101 (Facebook)

"Let's all help save the pageants! I want to see this tradition continue and be televised for years and years to come. Don't let NBC take it away because of one person's hateful words and statements. I hope D. Trump apologizes and takes back his words. He's hurting millions of people and ruining what MUO stands for! I support MUO and grateful for the experience I had, and want to see it succeed. But I DO NOT support racist comments of its owner. Pageant fan or not, please sign this petition to keep Miss USA/Universe pageants on air. NBC chose not to air it after thoughtless and hurtful remarks by pageant owner D. Trump about Mexican immigrants. I don't want the fans and contestants to suffer because of political games, and with this petition hope to see NBC change their mind."

"Trump has nothing to do with winner. he only chooses some of the top 15 and yes he is a racist! first time I met him, first thing he told me is he doesn't like Russians, and said last Russian Miss Universe they had fired her. Nice too meet you!"

"I wasn't treated well by Mr. Trump, but I stand by Miss Universe organization, and wish them success."

"I guess we could start a petition to get Trump to apologize and take back what he said...but i doubt he would listen. i have no contact with him nor do i ever want to contact with him. Right now I just want NBC to reconsider because i don't want to see people hurting because of something he did/said. i agree it's continuous from him, but as I's one person, not the organization who said those things."

"I don't support his words or him. i only want to save the organization that has nothing to do with those words. The contestants and fans do not need to suffer because of one man. I'm disgusted at his words as you are. But I still want to see Miss universe on TV."

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Donald Trump is a racist according to Natalie Glebova
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