Carousel Productions sued Missosology?

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 Carousel Productions sued Missosology?

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PostSubject: Carousel Productions sued Missosology?   Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:56 am

Carousel Productions, Inc. has sued beauty pageant forum for defamation and for obstruction of free labor according to the laws of the Philippines. Both companies are based in the asian countries.

According to attorneys of Carousel Productions, organizers of the Miss Earth competition, the Missosology forum has deliberately damaged the reputation of their client by posting articles that relate how this year's competition was clearly fixed. published an article in which it threatens organizers of the Miss Earth competition, calling them "corrupt" and state that they will not promote the pageant any longer. The forum also accuses members of the Miss Earth staff of deliberately changing the judges' votes, as well as a serious accusation of Carousel scamming national directors internationally by charging a $2000 USD franchise fee when the competition is already "fixed".

A Cease and Desist letter was sent, but the owners of said forum keep on damaging the reputation of the Miss Earth competition.

An "insider", according to, had access to all aspects of the competition's voting, and states that the contest had been completely fixed by executives and members of the staff with no ethics at all. is the #1 beauty pageant forum in the Philippines. According to Miss Earth organizers, no serious entrepeneurs from the pageant world would associate with them, as the forum is known for its variety of insults and intolerance among its members.

The Miss World Organization based in the United Kingdom could also join this lawsuit. Earlier in the year, a thread was created called "Who wants Miss Julia Morley dead?". Mrs. Morley, CEO for the MWO was visibly upset that a "respectable pageant forum" would condone such activities and then promote them. The thread was deleted some time later.

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Carousel Productions sued Missosology?
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