Mister Brasil finalist murdered

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 Mister Brasil finalist murdered

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PostSubject: Mister Brasil finalist murdered   Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:37 pm

Murilo Rezende, Mister Piauí 2011 and one of the favorite candidates to win the Mister Brazil 2011 pageant (he finished in 6th place), was brutally murdered in an apartment in São Paulo. The police is still investigating, but it looks like the murder killed both Murilo and the apartment owner (Eugenio Bozola) to rob them. Eugenio’s car was also taken.

Apparently, Murilo was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Murilo, a model at 40 Graus modeling agency, in Rio de Janeiro, had a promising career. Her had already been on the cover of several magazines and fashion editorials in Brazil and abroad.

During the week he participated in Mister Brazil, the boy from Minas Gerais who represented Piauí was well liked by all other contestants. He was always smiling, never got into gossip, and got along with the candidates as well as the pageant organizers and staff.

Carmen Fusquine, the chaperone who took care of Murilo’s group during the national pageant, said: “He was very polite, shy, a man of few words. Murilo was sweet, disciplined, kind. He will be missed”.

Lucas Malvacini, the winner of Mister Brazil 2011, also commented: “I still cannot believe. I’ve known Murilo for a while, he was very kind, a good friend. I pray for his soul and hope for justice”.

Murilo’s murder has not been found yet.

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Mister Brasil finalist murdered
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