15 ways on how to spot a cheater

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 15 ways on how to spot a cheater

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PostSubject: 15 ways on how to spot a cheater   Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:13 pm

15 ways on how to spot a cheater

#15 Increased Laziness

Household duties and chores may become neglected. You’ll notice your partner spending more time on the Internet or literally laying around on the couch with no interest with the housekeeping of the house.

He or she may just so happen to be in a fog-like state but really they’re probably thinking about the other person. Time spent with family may also decline. Interest in weekend activities with yourself, attendance to sports games, time spent alone with you such as date nights, etc....all become greatly diminished.

#14 Spending Changes

We’re no fool to our partner's spending habits as well as the haves and have-nots of their employee history.

Needless to say we know when things don’t add up, it’s clear. If your partner is making frequent trips to the ATM and money is constantly disappearing, leave it to your own instincts to realize that something’s up. You may think it is a gambling habit or a number of other things, but don't bet on that. Chances are if your significant other is going to a job 40 hours a week, they have money and they always should. Cheating doesn’t come cheap. If you can’t figure out where that money’s disappeared to, it’s definitely not being spent on you.

#13 Never Been in a Serious Relationship

Relationships are not games, which is why we truly do sympathize for those who see them no other way.

Face it, someone who’s been in even one relationship for three years is far more knowledgeable than someone who’s been in three relationships in the last three months. Being in multiple relationships just isn’t healthy. We crave that stability and if our partners are stuck playing the guessing game to see whose relationship will last longer that’s simply a game I want no part in.

#12 They're Focusing on Your Faults

It’s not natural over the course of a relationship to keep things bottled up – whether it be how annoyed you get when your guy tries to act cool or when your girl is trying too hard to be perfect.

After a while, they’re going to get tired of your behavior and start looking for someone who isn’t as needy for the attention. Once they find characteristics they feel you lack in someone else, they’ll start noticing every little flaw in you you’ve worked so hard to erase. This is his or her way of justifying the cheating, but don’t let them win here. Always remain three steps ahead.

#11 They're a Narcissist

Does your significant other think they’re so amazing that they deserve special treatment? Or do they show little regard for your feelings yet still expect to be the center of attention?

Either way it goes, you could be dealing with a narcissist whether you agree or not. There are strictly ego-driven, which means they need someone by their side at all times to idealize, admire and be in awe of them. In fact, most of the time a relationship’s not really what they’re after. They’re trying to cope with a personality disorder that even therapists can't cure.

#10 Their Friends Cheat

We all love our friends to death, and it’s in our humanly instincts to follow in the footsteps of those closest to us.

We’re not saying if they tell you to jump you say “how high” but if they’re doing something that catches your attention you’ll either follow or look the other way. With cheating, chances are if one person’s doing it, then everyone’s doing it. No one wants to be the odd man out unless of course you are the rare occasion where you’re completely opposite of your friends, but nevertheless it’s not always about the numbers. It may be a good idea to find out first and foremost about his views on relationships and staying faithful.

#9 Paranoia

An increase in accusatory behavior may actually reveal more than you think. Nine times out of ten, it’s your partner’s way of covering up their own guilt for behavior they’re accusing you of.

For instance, they start an argument with you because you came in late from work due to a traffic accident when really they’re still thinking about the time you busted them for missing dinner the other night. Whatever the case, the less we lie the more our partners can trust us and questioning won’t even have to come into play.

#8 Has a Sudden Change in Behavior

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is getting to know someone for who they really are. We pick up their likes, dislikes, and even their everyday habits.

That being said, if they suddenly change their perfume or cologne or start dressing in a way you’re not used to, it’s time to open your eyes. Seriously guys, being yourself is the best thing you can be in a relationship and no one should ever jeopardize that. If your partner is all of a sudden paying more attention to the way they look and how many times they’ve been in the gym, they aren’t just doing it for their own health. Chances are they want to look just as good for someone else.

#7 Proximity

It’s a bond we can’t explain, but we are most attracted to the people we see most often. Just as a co-worker tends to like you more if you work in the same office, a man or woman will seek your attention more if they get used to seeing you on a daily or even weekly basis. Think of it as a long-distance relationship. They can be costly. Seeing someone in a new light or setting can pose problems in a relationship that some can't control. Why do you think people complain so much about their long-distance relationships not working out? We want to be with someone nearby.

#6 They Lie

It’s very true, but even the little things count whether it’s a romantic gesture or a little white lie about where you were the night before when you cancelled a movie date.

That lie may seem like no big deal at first but a pattern is more than enough to speculate otherwise. In any healthy relationship, your partner should have no reason to lie to you. Typically, the lies will start way before an affair even comes into question, but keep in mind anyone who lies with ease should not be trusted, period. This is a red flag. Don’t be afraid to take a stand, if anyone should be straight forward with you it’s each other.

#5 They're Selfish

Ever get that feeling that you’ve found that special someone who sees you as the apple of their eye? If so, be cautious. Make sure you two are seeing the same picture because no one wants to be with someone who only thinks of themselves. A relationship takes two people to be successful.

#4 Sudden Wave of Interest in You

On the other had, your partner may also appear to be 110% invested into anything and everything that has to do with you. It may seem sweet at first, but if it ever feels like too much it probably is.

You could dance around the idea of your beau suddenly realizing your worth or, more realistically, see for yourself that something’s changed – maybe for the better. Whatever the case, it’s important to notice change. Picture yourself and your relationship as is. This sudden attention may be a sign that someone’s got them in a mood that’s indescribable, one only someone else could be responsible for. Again, this is a behavioral issue. We know what’s what in our relationship.

#3 They're Secretive

Let’s face it, nobody likes someone who can’t be 100 percent with them, no matter what the situation is. If your significant other is keeping things from you or doing things behind your back, not only is that a sign they may be cheating but it’s a wake up call!

No man or woman has the right to keep anything from you especially if you guys are in a committed relationship. Don’t be scared of what your significant other may think of you because chances are if they really care like they say they do it won’t matter because you were honest from the beginning. Save the heartache and remember, the past is the past. The future is what you’re working to build up.

#2 Not Feeling the Connection

Remember the saying “If you won’t do it, someone else will”? Take it, live by it, and apply it because it speaks volumes.

If your significant other feels as though they’ve lost the attention they so need, you can bet they’ll go looking for it from someone else. Whether it be an emotional or physical connection, it’s been proven that these can be top reasons that lead others to cheat. Communicating is key, but pay attention because if you’re “I love yous” suddenly turn into “see ya laters” something’s changed. Your relationship may be at risk.

#1 The Old Phone Trick

When your partner is on the phone and you enter the room and all of a sudden your partner lowers his or her voice or even leaves the room for a split second to finish the conversation, that’s grounds for questioning.

The kicker is if the phone has a pass code yet your partner assures you that they have nothing to hide ... hmmm. And if all the evidence points to what you feared the most? The truth is, truths can be very painful, but you know eventually you’ll have to talk to your partner. At that point you need to decide whether the relationship’s worth working out or if you decide to end the relationship.

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15 ways on how to spot a cheater
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